Customer-Review-Management-companyYour reputation is everything- and of course it’s doubly true online. That’s why there’s now a whole new area of B2B services now: Customer Review Management (CRM). Business owners hire companies to take care of everything from negative reviews your company may have received, to tracking customer comments across the web, where your business was mentioned.

If you’re thinking of hiring a Customer Review Management company, here’s a handy list of questions to ask them before you do any hiring.

  1. Where do my reviews get published? Some Customer Review Management firms will make sure your company reviews get blasted around to many areas of the web. Called syndication, it multiplies the power of your reviews. It’s preferred by some business owners but not all. Find out what your potential Customer Review Management company does.
  2. Do I have to sign a contract? If the company is good enough, they won’t try and rope you win with a contract, early termination fees, etc, ? la cell phone company contracts.
  3. Do you offer automated reviews? This saves you, the business owner, a lot of time. You won’t have to input your business data every time.
  4. What are your methods of getting reviews for my business? Some CRMs will create fake accounts with review sites in order to post reviews for your business. You may or may not want this, depending on how you feel about messing up the system. Also, Yelp can slap a bad reputation image on your listing, or Google reviews can actually get taken down if Google sniffs something fishy about your account.
  5. Where will you get my reviews from? Most businesses want reviews from the big names out there: Yelp,Top Pages, Google, etc. Ask where your potential new Customer Review Management people will get your reviews.
  6. What’s my admin panel going to look like? Getting reviews on several major platforms is great, but OY! managing multiple accounts is horrifying. Ask whether they have a consolidated dashboard so you can do it all from one place.
  7. What happens if I cancel my contract? The big question here is really, “what happens to my reviews?”. You certainly won’t want your ex-customer review management firm to take them all down!
  8. How many ways will you be asking for reviews for my business? There are several ways to ask for reviews, so make sure your new CRM uses all of them, or at least a lot of them and not just one method.
  9. How can you help me handle negative reviews? This is a BIGGIE. Almost every business eventually gets negative reviews, so make sure you find out how your potential new CRM company will handle them. Will you be able to use their service to respond to negative reviews?
  10. Do I get alerts when I need to respond to something? It’s nice to know you’ll be updated when you need to take action.
  11. Can you provide comment tracking? This is a great service: some CRMs will scan the web, searching for mentions of your business, so you or they can respond accordingly. They’ll thank people who mention your business in comments on blogs, for example.

That should cover it- good luck in finding your Customer Review Management company!


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