fake-facebook-likes-anf twitter-followersYou consider yourself a savvy business owner, right? You’ve got your Google+ account, your tweet your customers every week, and you’ve got yourself a comprehensive SEO strategy for rising in the SERPS. You’ve been faithfully collecting emails year after year, and you’ve got a superb writer to supply you with all that great content visitors love to read on your site.

Then why are you still buying spammy Facebook “likes”?

Come on, admit it: you’ve purchased bulk likes from questionable internet “marketers”, hoping to rank your FB page. We know somebody out there is buying these packages: advertising for them is still through the roof!

We Know You Can’t Help It…

We know it’s not your fault: after all, it was just a few years ago that bloggers were warning us to get ready for the Google Local Social Search. Otherwise known as Google’s Social Search, it was an experiment rolled out by the search engine giant, aimed at basing search results on social connections. Examples of social connections would be found on social media platforms such as:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

Google was trying to improve local search results, essentially making them more “local”, personal and, supposedly, relevant.

We Know, This is What Your SEO Guy Told You to Do!

Therefore, social connections you made for your business were supposed to count for a lot when it came to ranking your website locally. Speculation varied, but general consensus was that Google’s way of measuring your social connections was to consider the number of:

  • Facebook likes (“likes” are for business pages, “friends” are for personal pages)
  • Twitter likes, retweets, followers
  • LinkedIn connections
  • Youtube subscriptions
  • Pinterest followers

..and any number of other social media account markers that SEO strategists could think of. Some SEO strategists were buying up Facebook “likes” in the tens of thousands, preparing for the big rollout of Google’s social search. Same goes for Twitter followers and all the rest. So we can certainly understand why you might still think buying Facebook “likes” is still the way to go.

But it’s not and that was back in 2009 anyway…ancient history!

What We’ve Learned About Social Signals and Social Search in 5 Years

Since then we’ve learned that social signals have no bearing on search engine rankings…local or otherwise. In fact, Matt Cutts, Google’s webspam guy, came right out and said so. Don’t believe it? Here are his words, quoted directly:

…don’t necessarily assume that just because there is a signal on Facebook or Twitter that Google is able to access that.

There was an SEO that said “OK, we see a lot of links on Facebook and those are the pages that rank well,” but that’s correlation, that’s not causation.

-Matt Cutts

So you see, a Facebook page that ranks well may rank that way because it’s awesome. Consequently, because it’s awesome, it also happens to get a lot of “likes”. The likes did not cause the high rank…the awesomeness caused it! That’s the different causation and correlation, something every SEO professional should understand….and probably every savvy business owner as well. So if you want your Facebook,Twitter and Google+ pages to rank well and to get many followers and likes – JUST FOCUS ON CREATING QUALITY CONTENT !

Why you shouldn’t buy Facebook likes?

  • Most fake likes and followers will disappear as soon as you stop paying for them
  • Most of the fake followers will not be interested in your content
  • Fake followers will not share your content around the web
  • Fake followers will not help you to build natural links and traffic
  • Sooner or later fake social signals will be detected from SE

In conclusion:  Make your social pages interesting, useful and funny. Engage visitors by sharing photos and videos or regular basis and you will get natural followers and likes. Not only that but, they will also help you to gain exposure for website or business across the web absolutely free !