Add-Neighborhood-on-Google-Map-MakerIf you’re on top of things with local SEO, you’ve already got a Google Plus account for your business. Plus, you’re keeping your Facebook page up to date and enthralling your visitors with wonderfully helpful posts, deals and coupons. You’re listed in the business directories and all is fine, right?

If that’s all you’re doing then you may be missing out on Google’s newest trend towards the Google Neighborhood .

What Are Google Neighborhood Search Results?

Local searches aren’t enough anymore, according to Google. It’s not good enough to return results for a pizza in London …now they have to be even more local and return results for neighborhoods.

Fine- but how does Google do this? More importantly, how does your business fare in the Google Neighborhood results?

A Funny Thing About Google Neighborhood Search Results…

You can try this at home, but do a local search on something for a city you know, and see if everything in the local results is actually in the neighborhood you specified.

Chances are, Google will have placed some results in their carousel which are in the same city, but not in the right neighborhood. Why? Perhaps they’re trying to throw in a few “outsiders” to provide a robust selection of results.

You may also notice that there are some businesses missing from a neighborhood list of results. That could be due to several factors, which are detailed below.

If you own a small business, pay attention to how you can make sure you appear in neighborhood results. It’s not enough to simply hope your physical address will put you in the neighborhood results.

How to Represent in the “Neighborhood “

It’s pretty easy to make sure your Google Local page, your website and your business listings rank well for your neighborhood searches. Do these things and you’ll be ready when the neighborhood boom really takes off.

  1. Take the name of your neighborhood and plaster it in your business listings on directory sites. Do the same for all your social media profiles, especially Google Plus. Then do the same for your website.
  2. While you’re working on your website, go in an put a few title tags for your neighborhood too. Might as well create a neighborhood-specific page or post on your site too. This may get you to rank in the coveted “organic” search results, which appear below the local (or neighborhood) results.
  3. Visit Google Maps and look up your neighborhood. You should be able to determine how they’ve defined your area. Make sure it’s correct and if it’s not, get it corrected. To do this, you would submit to Google an update by going to Google MapMaker. You’ll need to sign in with your Google account first. If you don’t have one, now’s the time to get one since you’ll need it to succeed in the local results anyway!

If things continue the way they have been, with Google’s local search results, things will get more and more local. Making your business’s neighborhood clear in every way can only help you now and going forward.

Here is a video on how to use Neighborhood Stream in Google Map Maker:




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