seo-for-seasonal-services-and-productsRanking well in the search engines for product you sell is always good- there’s really no debate on that one! But ranking for products during a time when they’re known to sell especially well…that’s even better. So many products and services are seasonal (e.g. spring cleaning for cleaning companies), so we thought we’d give you some tips on making sure your website can take advantage of seasonal bumps in demand for what you well.

Does Your Business Have Seasonality?

Let’s say, for example, you have clothes shop and sell costumes. Of course Halloween is your big holiday so it would really do well to rank for “costumes” during the time people are gearing up for Halloween parties. You probably already know to make sure your inventory is ready…well this is the online marketing component to those preparations.

Ways to Get Your Site Ready for “Season”

1. Plan, plan plan.

Get started way ahead of time on getting your keywords ready. Do your research well in advance so you can implement your plan and be ranking for the right queries when your “peak season” hits.

If content marketing is part of your bag of tricks (umm it should be!) then get that content posted even more in advance. You’ll want to put links on your posts, so get those pages indexed and get links to them in advance.

Then, during Season, you can write more content targeting variations on your main keywords, linking back to that slightly older page to help its rankings.

2. Get Your Time Frame Right

Know your market- when do people start buying their costumes? It’s important to rank before the event, when people are buying stuff.

3. Do Some Research on the SERPs for Your Keywords

What’s your event? Are the search engines more likely to display news-related results, images, or blog results? Google does indeed switch these things up, depending on what’s relevant for your keywords. “Costumes” might return a lot of images in Google, so plan your marketing efforts accordingly.

For taking advantage of blog results, be sure to post very often on your site’s blog slightly before and during the peak season for your product or service. Some experts even suggest updating your blog several times a day during your peak Season, since Google updates the SERPS accordingly.

Or maybe Google Shopping results come up more often for your keyword…in that case you’ll have to work on getting your inventory into Google Shopping. You can even try and anticipate the questions people ask, so as to capitalize on that, as well.

4. Plan Annually

You may have several hot seasons on your business- if you’re serious about catching traffic during peak season for your product, make an annual calendar. That way, you’ll have it visually all planned out: when to get more content, when to get links, when to really put in a big push for making a deadline, etc.

Map it all out and you’ll do a much better job of planning for online peaks where you can be getting a lot more for your marketing dollar.

Of course it’s always the season for working on your site or thinking about local SEO!


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