Promote-a- New-Local-Business-OnlineCreating an efficient marketing campaign for a new local business is one of the cornerstones to success. Same goes for your website: it’s crucial for developing a market, a brand and a loyal customer base. All this usually costs money, unfortunately, which if you’re a new business owner, you may not be able to spare.

How to Promote, the Easier & Cheaper Way

If you’re an entrepreneur with a great idea for a local business, don’t let the supposed cost of marketing scare you off. The good news is these days: there are several ways to promote your local business by leveraging social media platforms like Facebook, Groupon, and Twitter.

Starting with launching a website, then getting it noticed, then finally developing a email list and keeping it all humming along nicely, what follows are 5 ways to get your local business up and going.

#1. Get a Website Fast & Easy. In case you haven’t heard, it’s amazingly simple and cheap to run your own website these days. Buy a domain name (12 GBP or less per year), then get it hosted. Some hosting companies will throw in a free domain if you buy hosting from them. Hosting on a shared account is around 5 GBP per month.

Now you’re up to 72 GBP per year for your own website. Get WordPress installed (with the click of a button through auto-installers available from your web hosting company), then choose a free theme and you’re golden.

#2. Connect With Social Media. Get a Facebook business page, which will have to be an extension of your personal Facebook account. This is free and pretty much expected these days.

Don’t just make the page….use it. Post interesting things, relevant and useful info for your potential customers, etc. Also, reach out to others and start conversations…socialize, in other words.

Do the same for Twitter, and any other social media sites that work for your type of business (i.e. Instagram for a fishing charter business).

#3. Get Your Business Listed With Major Local Directories. You’ll probably need a Google+ page for your business. Scratch “probably” and put “definitely”.

Now find others: Yelp, Yell and Top Pages are some typical examples. Get in there and become part of what’s essentially the “yellow pages” of the internet.

There are also databases you should become a part of: MyLocalLeadFinder is a good choice to choose.

#4. Consider Something Like Groupon. This is buying products or services with a group of other entrepreneurs, then offering them at a discount, Groupon-style. You get access to the company’s email list for your campaign, so it’s your chance to try and win these customers over for your own business.

Do things like handing out business cards to people who buy your Groupon deals, or a small display near the cash register of the product or service location they purchase, so they can learn about future deals through you.

#5. Consider a “Check-In” Promotion. Facebook has an app which allows users to broadcast where they’re located…at a concert, at a game, in a bar etc. The idea is to let their friends know where they are so they can arrange impromptu meetings.

You can harness the power of the app by providing incentives for people to “check in” via Facebook when they’re in your store. It gets the word out so people hear of your business.

Now continue all these efforts repeatedly and you’ll see an uptick in brand awareness and hopefully an uptick in visitors to your store as well!

Check out this interesting video: “5 Smart Ways to Promote Your Business Online”



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