improve-conversion-rateEvery small business owners wants his or her website to rank #1 for the right keywords. We’re all aware of the importance of SEO (sort of), but sometimes it’s better to focus on the visitors you do have rather than ones you don’t yet have.

With that in mind, it’s good to think about conversion rates of your website. Assuming you do have at least some traffic, are you getting leads/making sales? Here are a few simple things you can do to make sure your website does at least the bare minimal of converting visitors to customers.

  1. Spend a little extra and purchase high quality visuals for your site.

    If your graphics were free, chances are your visitors will be able to tell you cheaped out. Whether it’s high quality stock photos or some custom artwork, visuals really count.

  2. Update your stuff.

    Calendars, business hours, phone numbers- don’t make your website look like a ghost town by forgetting to update these things.

  3. Give your site some “social proof” with testimonials.

    People are more apt to choose your service when they know others have gone before them. It’s simply a fact of human nature. Put them in a sidebar, or give them their very own page- either way, it really helps with your conversion rate.

  4. Understand the value of SEO vs ROI (Return on investment ).

    Like we said above, sometimes it’s more cost-efficient to work on your website’s conversion rate rather than its SEO. Besides, what’s the point of ranking, when your conversion rates are terrible?

  5. Understand your customers and what they seek.

    Make the navigation on your site clear and relevant. What do your visitors want to know? Make it easy to find that, whatever it is.

  6. Look Official.

    A good way to lend trust to your site is to have badges all over it. It’s a form of validation. The Better Business Bureau is a good one to have.

  7. Get interactive.

    Help drive your visitor to the correct page on your website with an interactive question-and-answer bit. You will narrow the field and get a higher quality lead this way.

  8. Make it easy for potential customers to call you.

    Splash your business phone number on every page, right at the top where it’s easy to find.

  9. Don’t be afraid to put “call to actions” on your site.

    “Call us Now” or “Fill out our quote form” messages really help with conversion rates. Put them on every page of your site, and make them stand out. If you’re not doing this, you are losing potential customers

  10. Provide some value to your customers, right there on your site, for free.

    Yes, just give it away! Put some FAQs on there, or explain how you do things, or somehow conveying important information that makes you look like the expert that you are. Offering valuable content helps turns visitors into possible leads.


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